#FreeStacy – Twitter Suspends Stacy McCain’s Account


Twitter recently started something called the Trust and Safety council, or something like. I think they should call it the Silence Conservatives council instead. That seems to be what they are doing. Robert Stacy McCain is the latest one they have targeted, and suspended his account. He responded to the suspension to the blog The Ralph Retort:

She and her little squad of soi-disant “feminists” are just hustlers looking for a free ride, and the only way they can get that ride is to silence anyone who speaks the truth about them and calls them out as the cheap bullshit artists they actually are. Me? Nobody cares about me. I am not the story. But I am the guy telling the story, and I’m not going to shut up so long as I can breathe.

Read the whole thing, and further thoughts from Stacy here. This is so typical of leftists. They don’t just ignore speech they don’t like or disagree with, they want to completely silence it.

On the bright side, Memeorandum picked up on it, so the Twitter council’s attempt to silence Stacy appears to have backfired.

Robby Soave / Hit & Run:

Did Twitter’s Orwellian ‘Trust and Safety’ Council Get Robert Stacy McCain Banned?  —  Remember a few days ago, when Twitter elevated anti-GamerGate leader Anita Sarkeesian to its “Trust and Safety Council,” an imperious-sounding committee with Robespierre-esque powers to police discussion on the social media platform?