#FreeStacy – RS McCain Still In Twitter Gulag


Stacy McCain is still in the Twitter gulag for speaking out against feminist tyrants who don’t like debate. Twitter even banned his secondary account. He’s been told that his account will not be restored. So much for Twitter’s commitment to “freedom of expression.” They say he violated their rules about “participating in targeted abuse.” I don’t see them shutting down the accounts of people who give me crap on Twitter, but I usually just block those people so they don’t bother me anymore.

Anyway, even though he’s shut out of Twitter, Stacy certainly hasn’t been silenced. Heck, he’s just getting going. Be sure to follow the links and read the posts.

I’m sure there are a few people who think “So what if Twitter shuts downs accounts. They can do what they want as a private company.” That’s true. But the problem isn’t limited to Mr. McCain and Twitter. Just this afternoon I saw on Facebook a post by a personal friend who is a cop. He said he had shared a video of a cop “getting berated by a 16 year old” that Facebook later removed. He was angry that Facebook doesn’t allow videos that show the “BS cops have to put up with but anti-cop videos are allowed to run rampant.”  That’s pretty much how it is these days. Liberals can post whatever they want, and apparently so can Donald Trump and his supporters, but conservatives have to watch what we say or we might lose our “privileges” even if what we say is just the plain simple truth.

Liberals will never stop trying to shut us up.