Video: 18 Things That Became Racist In 2015


Doesn’t it seem like 2015 was the year of outrage? Someone was always outraged about something, although not the things they should be outraged over. I’m sure we won’t see riots in the street over the NSA spying on Israel and members of Congress. But every time you turned around this year you heard about some new thing being turned into an example of racism. Grabien put together a video montage and has links to the 18 different examples. On the bright side, 2014 was even worse, so either things improved or people are just running out of places to imagine racism. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking! (Video is below)

Here are 18 new examples we found in our archives:

  1. The Oscars (Critics contended an insufficient number of Academy Awards went to black nominees)
  2. Brunch (For some reason #BlackLivesMatter activists descended on various NYC eateries during Sunday brunch to protest)
  3. The demolition of Candlestick Park (local activists said the debris would negatively impact the “environmental justice” of local minority communities)
  4. Marijuana laws (Tommy Chong said they’ve always been racist)
  5. Emojis (a kerfuffle erupted over the lack of darker shaded emojis)
  6. Chip Kelly’s coaching (the recently fired Eagles head coach was accused of trading black players)
  7. The speed of Loretta Lynch’s confirmation (several black politicians said Republicans were letting racial prejudice get in the way of her confirmation)
  8. March Madness (It was argued the NCAA’s decision not to pay players equates to “the organized theft of black wealth”)
  9. U.S. policing — as viewed from South Africa (newly minted Daily Show host Trevor Noah said on his first appearance that his homeland was far better on race relations)
  10. The word “thug” (many commentators argued it was being used as racist code language after the Baltimore riots)
  11. Various people First Lady Michelle Obama said treated her and her husband differently on account of their race
  12. Americans’ DNA (President Obama said racism is something that’s “passed on” through Americans’ “DNA” and that “we’re not cured of it.”
  13. Scott Walker (Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wisc.) accused the governor of “tightening the noose” around blacks)
  14. Employers (Obama said black women earn 30 fewer cents than every dollar a white man earns)
  15. The unpopularity of socialism (A panel on Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC show said racism explains why more aren’t socialists)
  16. Clock boy’s school officials (Ahmed Mohamed said his skin color is why he was detained over his bomb-resembling device)
  17. Supreme Court justices asking questions (Sen. Harry Reid, amongst others, called Justice Antonin Scalia racist for asking whether racial preferences in college admissions were a net positive or net negative).
  18. Trump fans.