Don’t Worry About Those San Bernardino ‘Lone Wolves’


President Obama wants you to believe that the two terrorists in San Bernardino were just lone wolves who had no help from anyone. Never mind the evidence. IBD did a good job summing up what we know about the couple, and “lone wolf” isn’t what comes to mind after reading it.

• FBI agents raided the home of a former neighbor and close friend of Syed Farook, who bought the terrorist two assault rifles.

• The agency is investigating Farook’s mother, who claims she knew nothing of his terror plans, even though she actually lived with him and his terrorist wife in their bomb-making factory in Redlands, and was involved with a radical Muslim group.

• His father, moreover, knew Farook was a follower of ISIS and admired its caliph, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi; yet the Israel-hating father — who lives nearby with Farook’s older brother — never reported anything to the authorities, either.

• Farook’s sister, who also pleads ignorance, took “target practice” with her older terrorist brother.

• An eyewitness says he recently saw “six Middle Eastern men” working in Farook’s garage, where he made more than a dozen explosives.

• Farook was in contact with Muslim extremists on the terror watch list, and smashed his cell phones to protect them.

And that’s not all, be sure to read the whole thing. Oh, and then where did the $28,000 deposit into their bank account come from? But never mind. Obama says they’re lone wolves, and he would never say anything to mislead us.