Why Do Democrats And Progressives Always Want To Ruin Holidays?


Earlier today the Democrats sent me an email titled “Grandpa INSULTED.” Yes, the word insulted was in all caps. It went on to say that “Celebrating with family can make you feel warm and fuzzy — until your conservative relatives start a heated argument over Tea Party politics.” Then it instructed me to click a link to get the “DCCC’s Guide to Thanksgiving with your Republican Relatives.” But I would have had to sign up to get the guide, so I declined. I don’t really need political parties to tell me how to talk to people at the holiday dinner table. Most people don’t. Those who do probably want to ruin the holiday, so I guess that’s the Democrats’ goal – to ruin holidays.

And it isn’t just the Democrat Party. The Pirate’s Cove lets us know how the George Soros funded Think Progress instructs readers to ruin Thanksgiving to save us from climate change.

It wouldn’t be a Warmist Thanksgiving without nagging your relatives on the subject of ‘climate change’, would it? Annoying your relatives, insulting them, making them remember why they never call you the other 364 days of the year.

Of course, the Democrats want their little minions to ruin Thanksgiving overall…

Well, if you do find one of these obnoxious minions sitting next to you at dinner, Jon Gabriel provides a few fun tips for saving the day. American Irony also has some advice but it might take a little more advanced planning, but you could always save it for Christmas, or whatever other religious or secular holiday you might celebrate around the time of the winter solstice. I’m just thankful that there won’t be any progressive party poopers at my Thanksgiving celebration.