Running Failed Obamacare Co-Ops Sure Did Pay Well


Nobody is going to miss the failed and failing Obamacare co-ops more than the officials who ran them. They were raking in quite a bit of money - on average $245,000 per year. Nice work if you can get it, but since they haven’t figured out how to make these co-ops work, even with large infusions of taxpayer funding, it’s not a job with long term prospects.

Before 11 of the 23 nonprofit insurers created under Obamacare announced they would be closing their doors, the top executives running their operations raked in large sums of money.

According to 2013 tax filings accessed through, the top executives at the 11 co-ops that have announced they will be winding down operations made an average of $245,203 annually. Tax filings for 2014 are not yet publicly available.  (Read More)