A Few Rays Of Sunshine


For those of you who were too busy to follow the news today, Tuesday night brought a few rays of sunshine for Americans who have had it with progressives and their destructive policies. Investors Business Daily summarized the highlights for us:

Kentucky: The state embraced ObamaCare, built its own exchange, expanded Medicaid and set up a nonprofit insurance co-op. Now, after its health co-op failed, voters elected anti-ObamaCare Republican Matt Bevin as governor by 53% to 44%. Newly elected Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton is a Tea Party member and the first black to hold statewide office ever.

Virginia: The GOP kept its 21-19 edge in the Senate and 2-1 majority in the House of Delegates, repudiating Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who sought to expand Medicaid and enact harsh gun-control laws.

Texas: The so-called Houston Equal Rights Ordinance to guarantee gays, lesbians, transgender and 13 other classes of people “equal rights” was routed 61% to 39%. Foes successfully argued it would have let men dressed as women use women’s bathrooms.

Washington: Tacoma rejected an immediate rise in the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. Across the country in Maine, 58% of voters in Portland, the largest city, also rejected a $15/hour minimum.

Oregon: The liberal state knocked down a spate of proposed local tax hikes on sales and gasoline, and in Coos County enacted a powerful new gun rights law.

Ohio: A move to legalize marijuana for recreational use was nixed by 65% of voters. Even many libertarian supporters didn’t like the proposal, which would have created a monopoly to control pot sales.

California: Ultraliberal San Francisco voters rejected Prop. F, a measure to curb Airbnb, an Uber-like app for short-term home rentals. Voters also fired Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi after an illegal alien he let out of jail murdered tourist Kate Steinle last July.

Be sure to read the whole thing. I had a travel day today for work so I had to go to bed early last night, but I was keeping an eye on our local elections. Unfortunately, here in my blue town none of the anti-Obama or anti-progressive sentiment seemed to play any part in how people voted. As usual the local Conservative Party helped the Democrats, but a few county candidates did well, so there’s that.