Oh Great - Pelosi Open To Dems Helping To Elect GOP Speaker


Ted Cruz wasn’t kidding when he said that John Boehner has been a very effective Democrat leader. According to The Hill, Nancy Pelosi said that if he hadn’t resigned Democrats would have helped him hold onto the Speaker’s gavel. She also said that she’d be “open” to the Democrats helping to choose the next Republican speaker.

“I think in our caucus there is interest and support. There’s an openness to a bipartisan approach to this,” Pelosi said in an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival.

Pelosi stopped short of endorsing by name any particular Republican for speaker.

“Do you want him to be totally destroyed in his caucus if I mentioned who I thought would be good?” Pelosi said when asked by the Texas Tribune’s Abby Livingston about the prospects of her casting a vote for a Republican speaker. “That would be the end of him.”

Pelosi also indicated that her caucus would have thwarted a bid by House conservatives to oust Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, should they have brought up a motion to “vacate the chair.” (Read More)