Obamacare: It Just Keeps Getting Worse


There’s more Obamacare bad news in the pipeline. What a surprise. Premiums keep going up, and they’re going to rise again in 2016.

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Federal officials said Monday that the price of the second-lowest-cost midrange “silver plan”—a key metric for premiums around the country—will increase by 7.5% on average across the three-dozen states that rely on Washington to administer the health law for them.

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And 60% of enrollees—across 30 of the largest markets in the U.S.—will see the average rate for that benchmark plan rise by 6.3%, according to a Health and Human Services report on premium data that hasn’t yet been made fully public.

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The higher premiums are likely to intensify Republicans’ claims that the health law isn’t holding down costs. The Obama administration is urging customers to go back online during open enrollment, which begins Nov. 1, and shop around to see if they can limit the impact of the cost increases.

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Read the whole thing or you’ll miss the laughable claim by a health marketplace CEO that people can still buy policies for $100 a month. They must come with $10,000 deductibles.

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Oh, and thousands of people are going to lose their subsidies, so they will probably end up uninsured because they won’t be able to afford the high premiums.

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I would write more, but I have to go out of town for work in the morning. You know, so we can afford our health insurance which will soon cost more than our mortgage payment. I keep remembering how Nancy Pelosi promised that when Obamacare passed freelance workers would finally be able to afford health insurance. That was just one of the many lies told before the dreadful law was passed.

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