Maybe Paul Ryan Isn’t The Guy To Unite House Republicans


After Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race for Speaker of the House a campaign to draft Paul Ryan began. It was said that he was the one guy that could unite House Republicans and save the day. But as it turns out, Ryan might be okay on budget issues but his record on immigration is raising eyebrows.

Ryan’s immigration journey began as college intern working in Washington, when he developed a relationship with Cesar Conda, one of the nation’s top strategists pursuing mass immigration. Rubio would later tap Conda as his Senate Chief of Staff, to help him devise the Gang of Eight immigration plan and then later to advise his presidential campaign.

As APwrote in 2012, during his time as an intern, “[Ryan] caught the eye of a top [Senator] Kasten aide, Cesar Conda, who offered Ryan a post on Kasten’s staff after Ryan’s 1992 graduation, his first full-time Washington job.”

As Conda later went on to say, “Every chance he [Paul Ryan] got, he’d take the opportunity to pop his head into my office.” To this day, on Conda’s LinkedIn page, he promotes that he has been “described by the Associated Press as one of Rep. Paul Ryan’s ‘conservative mentors.’” AP notes that Conda continued to play a “pivotal role” throughout Ryan’s career: “In 2007, Conda was an adviser to Romney’s presidential campaign and introduced the two men in Washington. A scheduled 15-minute meeting lasted nearly an hour, Conda said.”

After college, Paul Ryan worked alongside former-New York Congressman Jack Kemp in their coordinated attack California’s Proposition 187, a measure pushed by GOP Governor Pete Wilson – and approved by a wide popular vote – which denied state benefits to illegals and required that they be turned over to federal authorities if caught.

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