It Doesn’t Sound Like Paul Ryan Really Wants To Be Speaker


I’ve been following the news of the possibility of Paul Ryan running for Speaker and it sounds to me like he really doesn’t want to be Speaker. Not that I blame him, he has a wife and young kids to think about which is completely understandable. But then if he really doesn’t want it maybe he should just politely bow out instead of making a bunch of unreasonable demands.

So if you don’t want a job – really, really don’t want it – one way to approach the job interview is to act like a Millennial. That is, to make clear you have some very high expectations for what the new employer will do for you. Extremely high. Like, twice as much vacation time, totally flexible telecommuting, setting up a new game room, stocking the right kinds of ethically sourced snacks, and getting rid of the two-century-old functional rules of the House of Representatives as written by Thomas Jefferson himself.

Paul Ryan has included that last one in his requirements for taking the job third in line to the presidency, and that’s not all. He has a list of demands, written on the palm of his hand, and if you want him to be your blue-eyed boy for the job, you better believe he wants all of them and everything. Paul Ryan is basically telling House Republicans: you best recognize that I’m your only Paul Ryan.

Read the whole thing.

Update: Well, it looks like the job will probably be his even if he’s not that thrilled about it. He picked up the support of the majority of the House Freedom Caucus, so that’s a big obstacle out of his way.