Bernie Sanders Will Tax Every Worker To Pay For Family Leave


Presidential hopefully Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a Socialist Democrat or Democratic Socialist, said he will tax all workers to pay for his family leave plan. He said the plan would make it so women who have just had babies won’t have to go back to work after a week. I don’t know any woman who has gone back to work a week after giving birth, but I suppose that’s beside the point. We’re all going to pay.

Sanders said, “I think if you are looking about guaranteeing paid family and medical leave, which every other major country has so that when a mom gives birth she doesn’t have to go back to work in two weeks. Dad or mom can stay home with the kids. That will require a small increase in the payroll tax.”

Stephanopoulos said, “That’s going to hit everybody.”

Sanders agreed saying, “That would hit everybody, yeah, It would but it would mean we were drawing the rest of the industrialized world and make sure that when a mom has a baby she can in fact stay home with that baby for three months rather than go back to work at the end of one week. (Read More)

I guess this is what people would call “free” maternity leave benefits. It certainly won’t be free for the people who never have children, or have young children, or have already raised their children.

Women currently are eligible for disability benefits after having a baby, and there is protection for new parents, adult caregivers, and people who become ill under the FMLA. But never mind that, Bernie Sander wants to buy votes and is hoping the people paying for it won’t notice.