Steinle Family Suing Over Murder Of Kate By Illegal Immigrant


Kate Steinle’s family is suing the San Francisco Sheriff, the Bureau of Land Management, and ICE over her murder at the hands of an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported five times. He found sanctuary in San Francisco, and used a gun stolen from a BLM agent’s car. The Steinle’s aren’t suing out of greed, they just want people to be held responsible after Kate was failed by the system.

Who knows, maybe some good will come from the lawsuit. (Even though Kate’s law passed the House, Democrats can block it in the Senate and President Obama would surely veto it if it ever lands on his desk.)

The Steinle case is powerful, and officials know it. The state has an obligation to enforce its laws and defend its citizens, or its legitimacy is null.

The Steinle case has so much merit that the counties surrounding San Francisco — Contra Costa, San Mateo and two others — have de facto dropped their sanctuary city policies for criminal illegals. They’re now calling up ICE deportation teams whenever an illegal is about to be released from prison.

That San Francisco hasn’t done the same shows just how extremist — and out of touch — its position is.

Apparently, only a lawsuit from a little guy can teach them. What a sorry state of affairs that immigration enforcement can be done now only by lawsuit. But we hope it’s a lesson that they never forget.

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