Networks Ignore Death Threats Against Cops By ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists


Earlier this evening ABC News covered the latest cop killing, but ignored all of the death threats against cops at Black Lives Matter protests. ABC wasn’t the only network to skip over the violent rhetoric coming out of these demonstrations.

Hewing to their corrupt anti-cop narrative, the Big Three news networks refuse to cover Black Lives Matter activists chanting death threats within hours of a cold-blooded police execution linked to their movement.

While ABC, NBC and CBS covered the deadly ambushing of a white Houston sheriff’s deputy by a black man, who sneaked up behind the uniformed officer at a gas station and fired 15 bullets at close range, they left out the related news that Black Lives Matter protesters shortly thereafter demonized cops as “pigs” and called for them to “fry.”

Even so, some of the networks blasted the deputy’s boss for tying the racist assassination to the violent anti-cop rhetoric spewed by Black Lives Matter agitators.

Be sure to read the whole thing. The Black Lives Matters protesters routinely spew violent rhetoric against cops. Black Panthers recently threatened that they would sneak up behind police and kill them, which is just what happened to the officer in Houston. But of course, the Democrats are signing resolutions in support of the extremists. Something tells me these people won’t be put on any federal watchlist.