Democrats Are Against Iran Freeing US Hostages


Senate Democrats are now officially on the record for being against the freeing of United States citizens held hostage in Iran. Oh, and also the recognition of Israel. It’s a new low.

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Democrats on Thursday blocked a last-ditch effort from Republicans to stop the Iran nuclear deal by linking the agreement to Israel and American prisoners.

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Senators voted 53-45 on an amendment from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) that would have prevented President Obama from lifting sanctions on Iran until the country releases American prisoners and publicly recognizes Israel’s right to exist. Sixty votes were needed to move forward.

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Under the Congressional Review Act, Thursday is the final day for Congress to approve a resolution stopping the nuclear deal, though some conservatives dispute that deadline.

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With Democrats having held firm in the Senate, it appears the nuclear pact — negotiated by the United States and other world powers — will begin taking effect next month. (Read More)

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Ed Morrissey thinks McConnell should have left Israel out of the amendment because it gave Democrats an out. He could be right, either way, this still looks really bad for Democrats.

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Strategically, though, the filibuster of this bill will be a disaster for Democrats. Why not have a floor vote? Obama would veto the bill, and Democrats have more than enough votes in both chambers to sustain it. Instead, they made themselves look weak and craven for no difference in outcome in protection of a President whose name is already all over this deal. It’s an incredibly dumb move, one that some Democrats will regret when they stand for re-election. (Read More)

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A few might regret it, but most Democrats will get a pass. Their voters don’t seem to care what they do as long as they have that D after their names. By the time things go wrong a Republican might be in the White House and he, or she, will be blamed for it.

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