Scott Walker Reveals Health Care Plan


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the first Republican presidential candidate to reveal a serious plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. He calls it the “Day One Patient Freedom Plan” and it sounds like something Republicans in Congress should have proposed a long time ago. Jeffrey Anderson has a nice summary of the plan in a post at The Federalist.

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Walker’s alternative to Obamacare is well-conceived across the board.  It would lower costs, secure liberty, and make it possible for anyone who wants health insurance to be able to get it.  It would repeal Obamacare’s unprecedented individual mandate, its employer mandate, its coverage requirements, its abortion funding, its centralization and consolidation of power and money in Washington.  In fact, it would repeal every last word of President Obama’s signature legislation.

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In its place, it would offer real reform.  It would encourage people to shop for value and ask to see prices.  It would promote the use of Health Savings Accounts and reduce the role of the insurer or government as middleman.  It would preserve the employer-based market and revitalize an individual market that the federal government had broken even before the Democrats passed Obamacare and made everything so much worse.  In so doing, it will help pave the way to full repeal.

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Read the whole thing, it gets better.

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