Protesters Try, And Fail, To Derail Scott Walker Speech In Iowa


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke at the Iowa State Fair to a large group of supporters. Some protesters came along and tried to derail his speech, but they failed miserably. Walker shouted them down to thunderous applause. Here’s the video.

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He said “I am not intimidated by you, sir, or anyone else out there. I will fight for the American people over and over and over again.” The crowd ate it up.

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Walker also talked to the Des Moines Register and said he has a plan to repeal Obamacare. He is giving a speech tomorrow to lay out the plan, and his campaign sent out the following preview.

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Republican leaders in Washington told us during the campaign last year that we needed a Republican Senate to repeal Obamacare. Well, Republicans have been in charge of both houses of Congress since January and there still isn’t a bill on the President’s desk to repeal Obamacare. 

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Let me be perfectly clear.  Americans want more than campaign promises, they want results. Actions speak louder than words. I get it. 

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Before we took on the big government union bosses and the liberals from Washington, I had to take on the establishment in my own party. 

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In 2010, I ran for Governor of Wisconsin because I was upset that my state was headed in the wrong direction. 

A week after the election, I met with all of the Republican lawmakers and said that the voters told us they wanted big, bold reforms. Now, some of the lawmakers didn’t want to challenge the status quo, but I told them it was put up or shut up time. If we didn’t do what we said we’d do, the voters would have every right to throw us out. 

If our innovative reforms can work in a blue state like Wisconsin, they can work for America.  And just like I did in my own state, I am willing to take on anyone – including members of my own party – to get the job done.  

Talk is cheap. We fight. We win. We get results. Which is probably why we won three elections in four years - in a state that hasn’t gone Republican for President since 1984. 

Now, I have a plan for America. 

On my first day as President, I will send legislation to the Congress that will repeal Obamacare entirely and replace it in a way that puts patients and their families back in charge of their health care – not the federal government. I call it the Day One Patient Freedom Plan. 

If you’ve had it with Obamacare and you want someone who is going to do something about it, I am your candidate. Four years ago, I took on 100,000 protesters, I took on the big government union bosses, I took on the liberal power machine from Washington and – yes – I took on the establishment of my own party to push big, bold reforms… and you know what, we got results. 

Here’s a picture of the crowd at the fair.

Walker Iowa Crowd