Here Comes The Push For Single Payer Health Care


When Obamacare was being debated and passed a lot of liberals said it was just a stepping stone to a single-payer system. So it’s no surprise to hear that some liberals are now pushing for single-payer. Uber-liberal Robert Reich is the latest, prompted by news that some of the largest health insurers in the US are considering mergers. (As if there was no warning that Obamacare would lead to less competition.)

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The problem isn’t Obamacare. The real problem is the current patchwork of state insurance regulations, insurance commissioners, and federal regulators can’t stop the tidal wave of mergers, or limit the economic and political power of the emerging giants.

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Which is why, ultimately, American will have to make a choice.

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If we continue in the direction we’re headed we’ll soon have a health insurance system dominated by two or three mammoth for-profit corporations capable of squeezing employees and consumers for all they’re worth – and handing over the profits to their shareholders and executives.

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The alternative is a government-run single payer system – such as is in place in almost every other advanced economy – dedicated to lower premiums and better care.

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Which do you prefer?

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Well, I preferred affordable health insurance, competition, and a large number of doctors and providers to choose from. Obamacare has pretty much decimated all of that with all of its mandates, as predicted.

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Remember, we were told by Ocare supporters that Obamacare would increase choice. Choice of doctors, choice of medical facilities, choice of insurers. Opponents talked about a loss of choice. Guess who was right? Again. But, rather than looking towards ways to increase choice, Leftists want to go down the road towards single payer, dominated and run by Government. Of course, this was always the plan. (Read More)

It was always the plan, they just have to destroy it before they can go in and “fix” it.

Lather, rinse, repeat.