So If This Is How It’s Going To Be

Scott Ott at PJ Media makes some good points about the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage and how we should use it as precedent going forward:

Our gratitude is for a kick in the pants from God, though it be delivered by the boot of a heathen court. Perhaps it will finally spark us to reclaim our heritage of individual rights.

Of course, this really isn’t about today’s SCOTUS ruling. We should have done this long ago. We should utterly remove government from our intimate relationships. Nothing in our Constitution or Declaration of Independence requires government to incentivize or reward or restrain mutuallyvoluntary intimate relationships. There are only two kinds of rights protected in the Constitution, and they both apply against the federal government: the rights of the states, and the rights of the People. Neither of those is contingent upon whether, or whom, you marry.

Not that anyone on the left (and many on the right for that matter) really care much for the Constitution. Anyway, read the whole thing. Then read about how the liberals on the Supreme Court came down on the same side as David Koch. That will be sure to perturb progressives, who think Koch is some sort of right wing bogeyman.

Oh, and then there is this:  A newspaper has decided to ban letters to the editor that oppose gay marriage in light of the Supreme Court decision. Since the Court decreed gay marriage is legal in all fifty states, I guess nobody should be allowed to talk against gay marriage. By that logic, when slavery was legal nobody should have been permitted to speak out against it. Or today in Colorado, only people who favor marijuana should have any say on the subject. Only people with views acceptable to progressives should be granted 1st Amendment protections. Everyone else is just supposed to sit down and shut up.