SCOTUS Message: If You’re Going To Violate The Law Go Big


You’ve probably heard by now that the Supreme Court ruling in King vs. Burwell came down today and as expected the Court upheld a key provision of Obamacare despite the clear language of the law. Justice Scalia was one of three to vote against the government and he issued a scathing dissent. He said that they should start calling it SCOTUSCare, that “words no longer have meaning,” and that the Court performed “somersaults of statutory interpretation” to come up with the ruling.

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In a statement the Cato Institute summed it up quite well, saying the message the Court sent is that “If you are going to violate the law, make sure you go big.”

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Here’s the full statement from Cato:

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Today the Supreme Court allowed itself to be intimidated. Afraid that ObamaCare as written would throw the sickest patients out of their health plans a second time, the Court rewrote ObamaCare to save it—again. In doing so, the Court has sent a dangerous message to future administrations: If you are going to violate the law, make sure you go big.

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The Court today validated President Obama’s massive power grab, allowing him to tax, borrow, and spend $700 billion that no Congress ever authorized. This establishes a precedent that could let any president modify, amend, or suspend any enacted law at his or her whim.

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ObamaCare will continue to disrupt coverage for sick Americans until Congress repeals it and replaces it with reforms that make health care better, more affordable, and more secure. Despite today’s ruling, ObamaCare remains unpopular with the American public and the battle to set in place a health care system that works for all Americans is far from over.

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Congress doesn’t seem to be making much headway on the “repeal and replace” front, and even if they do pass something you know Obama will whip out the old veto pen. Sure, there’s always 2016 and a chance to elect a president who will repeal this mess. Then again, the last Republican President gave us Chief Justice John Roberts, which isn’t working out so well. I’m beginning to wonder why I even bother voting.

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