Remember Obama’s Promise About Lowering Health Care Costs?


Remember when President Obama promised repeatedly that Obamacare would reduce the cost of health insurance by $2,500 per year for American families? I hope you aren’t still waiting for him to deliver on the promise because it isn’t going to happen, as I noted in my latest post at Watchdog Arena.

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Despite promises made by President Obama and members of Congress who voted for the Affordable Care Act, health insurance premiums continue to rise for most Americans.

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Since passage of the law, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, one of New York State’s largest health insurance carriers, has raised its rates every year. Excellus is again requesting a rate increase from state regulators.

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According to the company website, a 13.9 percent rate increase on small group and 12.8 percent individual policies is necessary due to the rising costs of health care, regulatory burdens and operating losses from previous years.

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Please read the whole thing.

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