Michelle Obama’s Cambodia Hotel Tab $242K For 33 Minutes Of Official Business

Michelle Obama’s recent trip to Cambodia to promote her “Let Girls Learn” campaign sure was costly for US taxpayers. The cost of her hotel tab alone came to a whopping $242,500, and she only had 33 minutes of official business. This is how they spend our tax money. A quarter of a million dollars for lavish lodging and almost no work.

First lady Michelle Obama’s recent trip to Cambodia this month cost taxpayers $242,500 – for hotel rooms alone – allowing her to perform her offical duties at two events for a total of 33 minutes. That’s $7,348 of lodging costs for every minute on the job.

A government contracting document shows that the State Department authorized spending nearly a quarter-million dollars so Mrs. Obama – traveiling with an entourage of high-ranking government officials and their security detail – could promote the ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative, which girls’ access to education.

Transcripts provided to media by the White House Press Office indicate that Mrs. Obama spoke with a group of 10 girls at Hun Sen Bakorng High School for 21 minutes. After that appearance, she spoke at a Peace Corps Training Round Table event for 12 more minutes.

That second appearance took place conveniently at the luxury five-star Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort in Siem Reap, Cabodia, where she was staying. The government booked 85 separate rooms for 14 nights, even though the first lady only stayed there for two. (Read More)

The Cambodian Prime Minister seems to think the trip was a big waste of time, and said Mrs. Obama was “just playing around.” He would have preferred scholarship money. But then Michelle would have missed out on this beautiful pool.