Dems In States With Religious Freedom Laws Try To Score Points By Bashing Indiana


This is ridiculous. The religious freedom law signed by Indiana Governor Mike Pence has generated all sorts of outrage. But nobody is talking about the other 19 states that already have similar laws on the books, or the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed by former President Bill Clinton way back in the 1990’s.

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy is boycotting Indiana over the new law, even though his state has had its own RFRA on the books since 1993. The Connecticut law is almost identical to the one signed by Pence in Indiana.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is getting in on the action, trying to lure companies away from Indiana and to his city over the same issue. But again, Illinois also has a RFRA law, and Barack Obama voted for it when he was in the state senate.

Every day there is some new thing to be outraged over, and politicians trying to score points off of that outrage. It’s getting so old and tiresome. It would be nice if people would just calm down and take a breath.

On a related note, be sure to read Elizabeth Scalia’s take on the matter, regardless of which side you’re on. She raises some interesting questions.