Rubio Rising In The Polls


This is interesting. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) seems to be the rising star on the field of possible presidential candidates in the Republican Party. He’s tied will Jeb Bush in the latest poll and is only three points behind Mitt Romney. He also has a big advantage among women.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s apparent decision to speed up his entry into the growing field of 2016 Republican presidential primary challengers is coming at the perfect time, as a new poll out Friday shows him moving into second place behind repeat candidate Mitt Romney.

What’s more, the gap in the new Zogby Analytics poll is tiny, just three percentage points. And Rubio, the freshest hopeful to show a determined interest in the race, is also tied with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. (Read More)

It’s early, and this is only one poll (an online poll, to boot) but it’s still nice to someone beside Romney and Bush up there at the top. I don’t agree with Rubio on everything but I think he’d be a better candidate than either of the two so-called front runners. Charles Krauthammer thinks Rubio has the best chance at winning the nomination.

He added “he’s [Rubio] my underestimated dark horse candidate who threads his way, young, energetic. He’s got a program and I think if he runs against Hillary, the contrast say the vigor, the energy that Kennedy-esque idea will be be a major one.”

There was a time when Rubio’s age would have been a liability, but Obama has shown us that age and experience aren’t all that important to American voters. Rubio is 43, a year younger than Ted Cruz, 9 years younger than Rand Paul, and decades younger than Romney or Bush.

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