Jihadists And Their Sympathizers Celebrate Paris Slaughter


After 9/11 images of much of the Muslim world cheering and celebrating were all over the place. So it’s not surprising to learn that jihadists and their sympathizers have been celebrating the slaughter in Paris on social networks.

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Following a terrorist attack Wednesday morning on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France that left at least 12 people dead, the paper’s editor included, ISIS members and sympathizers have taken to Twitter using the hashtags “#ParisIsBurning” and “#CharlieHebdo” in celebration of the gunmen’s actions.

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Here’s just a handful of tweets by people praising the Muslim extremists, many in Arabic.

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“#شارلي_ايبدو” translates as “Charlie Hebdo” in English. “#فرنسا_تحت_القصف” translates to “France under fire.”

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Read the whole thing to see all of the tweets, including one that says “Can’t say they weren’t warned,” and another warning of more attacks, “The fighting has just begun.”

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Can you imagine if Christians and Jews went out and regularly slaughtered people who insult their religion and were then cheered on by other Christians and Jews?

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Oh, before this act of terrorism most people in the world hadn’t heard of Charlie Hebdo, but today it’s one of the most searched terms on Google. So now the whole world knows what Charlie Hebdo is, and the hashtag #IAmCharlie is trending on Twitter.