Remember When Hillary Clinton Complained About An Imperial Presidency?


Hillary Clinton is super stoked about President Obama’s illegal executive order bestowing amnesty on about 5 million illegal immigrants. I guess she was against “an imperial presidency” before she was for it. Listen to what she had to say in 2008.

So now that Obama has set this precedent, how will the left feel if the next Republican president decides to govern in the same manner? Do you think they’d approve of something like this:

And here’s where it gets sweet. We’ve been analyzing the Obama team’s justifications. Some are p-r-e-t-t-y creative, but they boil down to this: Whenever a law is “unworkable,” or inadequately “funded”—and Congress won’t do anything—the president gets to act! How is that for new precedent? Think about it. This city has yet to produce a single statute or reg that is “workable” or that has, according to Democrats, enough money. Not a one. Remember that old Imagine Dragons tune, “I’m On Top of the World”? That’s you, boss. That’s you.

So here’s our plan for getting your entire agenda done—all of it!—by May:

Prosecutorial discretion: Love this. Your top item? Cutting taxes. We have two words and one number for you: Tax Code, 73,954 pages. Is there a more unworkable law? ROFL! We’ve got an executive order ready instructing IRS agents not to enforce the code on any person or company who refuses to pay more than our new rates. Goodbye Alternative Minimum Tax, death tax, capital gains, restrictions on nonprofits. Hello, flat tax on a postcard.

Speaking of taxes, do remember to thank Chief Justice John Roberts for declaring the ObamaCare individual mandate a tax. Not enforcing that one, either! That’s O-Care repealed. Check. (Read More)

You get the picture. The left would go absolutely nuts! Imagine a Republican president saying “Our tax code is broken. Congress has had years to fix it but they haven’t done anything. So I am going to change the tax code myself.” Yeah, that would go over well.