What If Watergate Happened Today?


Last Saturday was the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon resigning from office in light of the Watergate scandal. The subject came up on This Week on ABC News and Sharyl Attkisson weighed in on how Watergate would play out if it had happened today.

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The Daily Caller provided links to the transcript to add some context.

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“Nixon would basicallyrefuse to turn over tapes to Congress,” she continued. “His aides would refuse to testify to Congress, or would take the Fifth, or would lie to Congress with a fair amount of impunityWoodward and Bernstein would be controversialized on social media by special and political interests who use Facebook accounts.”

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“And then at the end,” Attkisson declared. “Nixon would go on a popular late-night comedy show, during which time he would humorously refer to his attackers who were political witch-hunters who believe in Area 51-type conspiracies.” (Read More)

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My only disagreement is that I don’t know if a Republican would get away with it.

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Via The Daily Signal