Summer Fun – Brett Kimberlin Gets Spanked In Court


Take a few moments away from worrying about the ebola scare, illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border and a White House that just can’t seem to amass enough power to bask in the joy of victory for some good guys.

Another day, another denial — actually Brett Kimberlin had two motions denied today by U.S. District Court Judge George Hazel in the federal lawsuit that John Hoge has dubbed Kimberlin v. the Universe, et al.

Hoge has the latest letter order, in which the judge denies (a) Kimberlin’s request for additional time to file a motion for a preliminary injunction, and (b) Kimberlin’s request for a ruling on his previous attempt to disqualify Paul Alan Levy, who is the lawyer defending Ace of Spades’ anonymity. Both of these denials were delivered with decisive brutality — the judge saying in effect, “Stop bothering me with your badly argued and legally flawed nonsense, you creep” — but Kimberlin got taught an especially embarrassing lesson on the Levy matter

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