New Poll: Registered Voters Want GOP Control Of House And Senate


I keep hearing about how Republicans are blowing their chances of winning the Senate and keep control of the House because they aren’t giving in to President Obama and the Democrats on immigration. That argument doesn’t seem to hold up if you trust the latest NBC/WSJ poll that finds more registered voters want to see the GOP control both houses of Congress.

NBC/WSJ/Marist has published a new poll, conducted July 28-31, that shows a majority of registered voters want a Republican majority in both the House and Senate.

Respondents were first asked if they thought Congress had been very productive, somewhat productive, somewhat unproductive or very unproductive. 50 percent of registered voters said they thought Congress had been very unproductive, with only 3 percent saying Congress had been very productive.

Even though the 50 percent who think Congress was very unproductive are in part talking about the Republican House, they don’t want the majority to change.

They were asked if they would like to see the majority in the House stay Republican, or become Democrat. 43 percent of registered voters wanted Republicans in the majority and 41 percent wanted Democrats in the majority, with 16 percent unsure.

The Senate showed similar results. (Read More)

Even more interesting is that there were more Democrats polled than Republicans.

Try as they might, Democrats seem to be having a hard time painting those of us who believe our immigration laws as horrible rotten people. And we all know they’re trying. The opinion section of my Sunday paper included several cartoons painting us in an unflattering light, including this one.

bad samaritan

Bad Samaritans – Bible thumping, flag waving weirdos that hate children – that’s how we’re all depicted, yet apparently even some Democrats want to see the GOP finally put a check on the presidency of Barack Obama. Could it be that your average registered Democrat isn’t a big fan of having what amounts to an open invitation to anyone who wants to cross our border, or send their children over? Could it be that your average registered Democrat is worried about his or her job, and isn’t too keen on the idea of 5 million or so illegal aliens being given work permits? I know, there are plenty of Democrat voters who would vote for Democrats no matter what they did. But let’s hope there are a few who are finally getting a clue.

As to those who believe the cartoon above has any place in civil discourse – what kind of “Good Samaritan” encourages tens of thousands of women and children to ride the “rape trains” through Mexico?