The Reality Of The Immigration Crisis


Residents in Syracuse, NY have a lot of questions about the Mayor’s invitation to the federal government to house a few hundred or so illegal immigrants. Local media outlets have been passing along the city administration’s reassurances that the children will not be going to local schools, or even leaving the property where they will be housed. They also say that every immigrant has been screened for diseases. I guess they haven’t seen Dennis Michael Lynch’s coverage of what’s happening on the border. Border Patrol agents have told him that there is no health screening going on.

Then there was the homeless man in Maryland who was murdered by MS13 gang members, otherwise known as “unaccompanied minors.” Oh, and another illegal immigrant who was diagnosed at an emergency room with drug-resistant TB has gone missing. But we’re all supposed to believe that it’s all good, that every one of the 60,000+ immigrants who cross the border illegally are thoroughly screened before they are sent into our communities. If you believe that I have a Hillary to sell you.

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