President Obama Wants $3.8 Billion To Deal With His Border Mess


President Obama is busy fundraising this week, and he won’t be visiting any of the border areas flooded with illegal immigrants. According to the White House spokesman, he isn’t concerned about the optics, which is odd considering that he is asking for a whopping 3.8 billion of our tax dollars to deal with the mess.

The Associated Press has learned that President Obama is asking Congress for $3.8 billion to confront the influx of minors from Central America. The figure also includes extra money for fighting wildfires in the West.

Why would he include money for fighting fires in the request? Regardless, it’s worth remembering that not too long ago he mocked Republicans who demanded that he secure the border.

In related news, some of those innocent children crossing the border are members of the violent MS13 gang. Hopefully the government won’t bus them to your town, or your church won’t ask you to put them up in your home.

Oh, and the White House is now blaming the crisis on Bush. Of course.