Officials: Threat Of ISIS Targeting US Homeland And Europe ‘Extremely High’


President Obama just couldn’t wait to pull all US troops out of Iraq so he could claim he ended the war. This is the result.

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The concern is obvious: Radical Muslims traveling to the Middle East to join the fight, becoming battle-hardened while procuring lethal expertise, then returning to their adoptive countries to carry out attacks against Western targets. Engel’s sources confirm that’s exactly what they fear, noting that a notorious Al Qaeda bomb-maker is offering his tutelage to ISIS radicals, who are developing skills in the creation of sophisticated improvised explosive devices: …

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These warnings should serve as timely reminders that foreign policy debates are not academic. Developments in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere aren’t simply relegated to “over there.” Throwing up our hands and demanding that “they” — whomever that may be — just “sort it out themselves” is a seductive but dangerous mindset. Regardless of one’s thoughts of the decision to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein, that country has deteriorated from relative stability (upon our recklessly executed departure) to all-out crisis today. Afghanistan became a safe haven for hardcore Islamist terrorists to launch attacks against the West, which led to the horror of 9/11. If a similar foothold is established in Iraq, that’s a bona fide national security threat. Nearly as devastating, it would represent the erasure of the massive gains achieved by our men and women in that country, which came at a terrible price. …

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Read the whole thing. Now ISIS is claiming a caliphate in Iraq where they can recruit and train terrorists to attack US interests.

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