Michelle Obama Wants Your Shopping Cart To Scold You Into Eating Right



Okay, maybe the carts will gently “nudge” you in the right direction, but we all know it will be the government’s way of scolding us into stop eating wrong. This is creepy.

A new 80-page report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture explains that federal bureaucrats hope to use a variety of tools to modify the way Americans select food items at the supermarket.

The stated goal is steer consumers toward fruits and vegetables – and away from sugar- and fat-laden items. The plan is in line with “Michelle Obama’s stated second term agenda to ‘impact the nature of food in grocery stores,’” reports FreeBeacon.com.

While the feds’ plan deals mostly with the 47 million Americans who participate in the government’s food stamp program, it would indirectly affect all consumers.

According to FreeBeacon.com, the federal busybodies want to provide food-stamp shoppers with “incentives” for making healthy food choices – such as discounts or free movie tickets – and even talking shopping carts that will notify them when they’ve selected enough healthy items. (Read More)

While we wait for the talking shopping carts, Michelle’s husband uses junk food to connect with ordinary Americans. Maybe he needs a talking shopping cart.