Michelle Obama Tells Kids ‘Folks In Congress’ Want To Make Their Food Unhealthy


Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama can’t talk to kids without getting political. The big nanny told kids that some “folks in Congress” want to make their lunches less healthy.

Now, I know that some of you might have friends who want to bring back the junk food in the schools, right? Because there’s always those kids. They’re like, give me my junk food back. (Laughter.) And I know that in recent months, we’ve even seen grownups, including folks in Congress, trying to undo some of the progress that we’ve made to get healthier food into our schools. And while the vast majority of the schools are doing just fine with these new standards, those few complaining voices happen to be the loudest voices and they’re getting the most attention right now….

She went on to instruct the kids to badger their classmates and teachers about healthy eating.

At the same event she and Barack went on and on about their favorite junk food.