Maryland Governor Tells Admin Not To Send Illegal Immigrants To His State


Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, who some are speculating is planning a White House run, has told the Obama administration not to send the illegal immigrant children to a facility in his state. In an odd twist, the excuse he used is an insult to many of the conservatives who live in the state.

Hours after the Maryland governor and prospective 2016 presidential candidate became the most prominent Democrat to criticize the White House on the issue, Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Muñoz called O’Malley to complain.

But before they hung up, O’Malley told Muñoz not to send any of the children to the facility in Westminster, Md., that the White House was looking at. It’s a conservative part of the state, he warned. The children were at risk of getting harassed, or worse, he said.

This only inflamed tensions between the White House and the Democratic governor who’s been trying to stake out room on the left for a possible presidential run. (Read More)

It gets even weirder from there. The article goes on to note that O’Malley might be open to having the immigrants shipped to Baltimore if they can find a suitable facility. So apparently he’s fine with dumping the problems onto his base of Democrat support.