John Katko Receives NRCC ‘Young Gun’ Designation


I’ve been kind of lax in covering the congressional campaign here in NY24. To be honest, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. Dan Maffei, the incumbent, has been spending most of his time at home in Washington, DC. He was going to pop into the district over the holiday weekend to appear in a few parades, but his wife had a baby so naturally he stayed home to welcome his new daughter into the world.

Local media has been reporting that Maffei has raised a boatload of money to run ads against his Republican opponent, John Katko, so he probably doesn’t see the need to spend too much time here, so far away from home. But that could change now that Katko has received the “Young Gun” designation from the NRCC. The race is now on the national radar which will make it easier for Katko to get his positive message out there and respond to the attacks from Maffei and his progressive allies.

Anyway, I think this ought to be Maffei’s theme song, he probably sings it in his head every time he’s forced to come back to CNY: