House Recess Delayed As GOP Tries To Revive Immigration Bill


House Speaker John Boehner had to scrap a vote on his immigration bill because he didn’t have the votes to get it passed. Everyone thought that was the end of it, but then….

Earlier in the day, Speaker John Boehner had decided to pull the package and send lawmakers home without voting on anything related to the border. The decision was so final, that multiple lawmakers, including the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Hal Rogers, were already at the airport getting ready to board flights home.

But a sudden and fierce backlash forced Boehner to rescind the decision and hold the nearly two-hour emergency meeting that prompted the decision to delay recess. In particular, members said that they could not abide leaving without at least trying to vote on the bill, which, if nothing else, would show where each member stood on the matter.

In the meeting, most Republicans expressed support for figuring out some way – any way – to pass a bill that is widely expected to go nowhere but was hoped to give the GOP a political advantage over the recess.

“Everybody wanted to stay and everybody wanted to get to 218,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), an ally of Boehner’s.

But in order to secure greater support, changes are likely to be required to the bill. (Read More)

If they put anything in the bill that makes sense Harry Reid will kill it in the Senate, and even if he doesn’t Obama will veto it.

In related news, a newly remodeled detention facility is going to house the illegal immigrant women and children in suites with flat screen TVs. The kids will be able to go shopping for six outfits a piece. Things aren’t so nice at some other facilities, where TB and scabies are spreading.