Hey Republicans – Obama Doesn’t Think You’re All Terrible


I’m not quite sure if President Obama was trying to unite Americans or reach across the aisle, but he does want Republicans to know that they are not all terrible. Hey, some of them might even love their families.

“Republicans in Congress right now have shown over and over they’ll do anything to rig the system for those at the top or to try to score political points on me, even if the obstruction keeps the system rigged against the middle class.  The best thing you can say for them this year is they haven’t yet shut down the government or threatened to go deadbeat on America’s obligations.  But it is still early, so — (applause.)

“Now, I always have to say this:  I don’t think that they’re all terrible people.  I think they love their families.  They love the country.  They’ve got a different economic theory.  Maybe they don’t know what ordinary folks are going through.  But maybe it’s not that they don’t get it.  Maybe it’s just because the theory they have is, is that if the economy is doing good for folks at the very top, then it’s going to help everybody else — despite the fact that we have evidence over and over again that those theories have failed the middle class.”

Um, whose policies have failed the middle class? Under Obama’s leadership the top 1% are doing just fine while the middle class is shrinking. Full time jobs are turning into part time jobs. Health insurance premiums and deductibles are through the roof. Food prices are eating up larger and larger portions of Americans’ take home pay. As for not knowing what ordinary folks are going through, this is coming from a guy whose kids go to one of the most exclusive private schools in the nation, has his home and large domestic staff funded by the taxpayers, and takes lavish vacations whenever the mood strikes. But I’m sure he loves his family.

What a guy. You can check out the reaction on twitter to this gesture on “unity” at Twitchy, via The Pirate’s Cove.

In related news, Obama talked about the minimum wage and called himself “a pretty big employer” as if he knows the first thing about running a business.