Feds Scope Out Former Syracuse Convent For Housing Illegal Immigrants


It looks like the Obama administration is trying to import the immigration crisis it fueled into Syracuse, NY. The Post Standard reported that federal authorities were in town to scope out the former convent owned by the Sisters of Saint Francis to warehouse some of the thousands of illegal immigrants that have been pouring across our southern border.

The Sisters of St. Francis confirmed today that federal officials are exploring the idea of using the religious order’s vacant Syracuse buildings to house immigrant children awaiting deportation.

Officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Families and Children traveled to Syracuse on Monday to inspect six buildings on the 10-acre Franciscan campus at Court Street and Grant Boulevard, said Rochelle Casella, speaking for the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities.

The inspection is part of an initial site assessment to see if two former convents or the former Maria Regina College center may be suitable for temporarily housing an undetermined of children from Central America who are awaiting deportation hearings.

Cassella stressed in an interview Tuesday that the Sisters of St. Francis did not decide whether to accept any federal offer to lease or buy the properties. (Read More)

The article failed to mention how many of the immigrants have communicable diseases and are infested with lice, or how federal contractors have threatened health care providers to keep their mouths shut about the public health risks.

Of course, Rep. Dan Maffei is all for warehousing the migrants in Syracuse, since he lives in Washington, DC.

In the interim, Maffei said he supports temporarily housing the children in places like Syracuse.

“Syracuse has been a welcoming community for refugees for generations, and we need to address the immediate humanitarian needs of these children and provide appropriate temporary care as they await their deportation hearings,” Maffei said.

I have an idea, how about they get shipped to Alexandria, VA, near Maffei’s $700,000 home. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind being neighbors with a few MS13 gang members. You know, they’re just kids.

On the other hand, Maffei’s opponent John Katko seems like he has a clue.

“When you have robust enforcement at the border, the smugglers take note,” Katko said. “When people were caught (in the 1990s) they were immediately sent back.”

But now, Katko said, smugglers target the weakest point in a U.S. immigration system that allows unaccompanied minors from Central America to have deportation hearings under a law aimed at cutting down on human trafficking.

“They are simply trying to take advantage of us and our generosity as a country,” Katko said. “If we had more secure borders, we wouldn’t be having this problem.” (Read More)

As far as Maffei goes, if this doesn’t convince people of this district that he’s nothing more than a tool for national Democrats, I don’t know what will.