Democrat Senator Lied To Tornado Victim To Film Attack Ad On His Property


Wow! Talk about desperate. Senator Mark Pryor, a Democrat from Arkansas, lied to a tornado victim in order to use footage of the man’s property in an attack ad against his opponent, Rep. Tom Cotton. Doug Boydston was told by the Pryor campaign that they wanted to help clean up the property. When Boydston found out the real reason they filmed his property he sent a letter to the Pryor campaign demanding that they remove all footage they obtained under false pretenses.

“You obtained this footage under false pretenses, and I demand that you remove these videos and immediately stop all use of the raw footage. Neither you nor any outside group has my permission to use my property for your own gain.”

“When you called me to request permission to hold an event at Mayflower RV, you told me that Senator Pryor and Mayor Holland would be present at the event to help bring attention to the tornado devastation and help me ‘clean up.’ Believing this, my wife and I invited a large group of friends to meet Senator Pryor and take part in the conversation about recovery.”

“Shortly after your campaign’s arrival, we realized the truth, and we asked you to immediately pack your equipment and leave. Had we realized your actual intent was to film a political ad, we would have rejected your offer and certainly would never have invited friends to attend such a farcical event.”

Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark, especially since Boydston is now throwing his support behind Tom Cotton.

The Pryor campaign says they will be removing the footage, but it’s still there, so it doesn’t look like they’re acting with much urgency.