Brace Yourself For Obamacare’s September Surprise


Democrats are starting to get worried about the Obamacare rate hikes expected this fall. According to Politico, they’re trying to get ahead of things by preparing talking points to try to convince people that they aren’t really paying more for health insurance when their premiums go up.

Obamacare open enrollment closed March 31. The White House’s Obamacare war room did not.

Most state health insurance rates for 2015 are scheduled to be approved by early fall, and most are likely to rise, timing that couldn’t be worse for Democrats already on defense in the midterms.

The White House and its allies know they’ve been beaten in every previous round of Obamacare messaging, never more devastatingly than in 2010. And they know the results this November could hinge in large part on whether that happens again.

So they’re trying to avoid — or at least, get ahead of — any September surprise. (Read More)

Unfortunately, most Americans have no way to avoid or get ahead of Obamacare’s nasty September surprise. Even those who buy their insurance through the exchanges and receive subsidies will still probably see some rate increases, and still have high deductibles. Not to mention that many of these new policies have few choices when it comes to providers. But hey, Democrats have talking points, so it’s all good, right?