Terrorists Have Taken Control Of Mosul, Iraq


President Obama pulled all US troops out of Iraq so he could say he ended the war. Forget winning the war, or even keeping the peace that had been won. Now we’re seeing the fruits of his foreign policy – the terrorists have taken over another Iraqi city. Score another win for the bad guys.

Fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an al-Qaeda offshoot, overran the entire western bank of the city overnight after Iraqi soldiers and police apparently fled their posts, in some instances discarding their uniforms as they sought to escape the advance of the militants.

Iraq’s speaker of parliament, Osama Nujaifi, said the city that ranks as the capital of northern Iraq is now entirely in insurgent hands.

“When the battle got tough in the city of Mosul, the troops dropped their weapons and abandoned their posts, making it an easy prey for the terrorists,” he told a televised news conference in Baghdad.

All key facilities are now controlled by the insurgents, including the airport and the prisons, said Nujaifi, who is from Mosul.

“Everything is fallen. It’s a crisis,” he said, appealing for international and government help to retake the city. “Having these terrorist groups control a city in the heart of Iraq threatens not only Iraq but the entire region.” (Read More)

What a disaster.