Terrorists Carrying Out Mass Executions Of Iraqis


President Obama is taking his time deciding on what form of assistance to offer Iraq as it tries to stop the terrorists from taking over even more of the country. Iran isn’t wasting any time sending troops in.

In the mean time, the savage ISIS terrorists are carrying out mass executions of Iraqis. There are reports that they’ve killed thousands already. It’s horrific.


IJ Review has even more disturbing pictures of Iraqis lined up for their executions. This didn’t have to happen.

This is what Obama has allowed to be unleashed on Iraqis that trusted us when we encouraged them to rise up against their Baathist oppressors. This is what American soldiers sacrificed to prevent. And it’s just beginning.

US Veterans of the Iraq war watch as all they sacrificed for is just wasted.

IBD points out that this is a preview of what a world without the United States of America looks like.

ow the surge might as well have not happened. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, an al-Qaida associate, has taken Mosul, Iraq’s second-biggest city, and threatens Baghdad and the U.S.-backed government. The U.S.-trained Iraqi army seems largely ineffective.

It’s not hard to understand what happened. CNN reporter Tim Lister put it simply: “The group seized on the power vacuum left by the U.S. withdrawal in Iraq.”

We left Iraq before our job was done. We’ve done the same in Afghanistan, where the Taliban — with five of their top terrorists just returned by Obama — is poised to return at least into partial power.

Looking at all this, what good exactly is a dead Osama bin Laden now? ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is being hailed as the new bin Laden.

The Islamist caliphate he seeks to establish might well be a “permanent terrorist threat to the West, to our interests around the world and to ourselves,” John Negroponte, former national intelligence chief and U.S. ambassador to Iraq, warned in an MSNBC interview Thursday. (Read More)

You know who predicted all of this? Mitt Romney. It turns out he was right about a lot of things. Too bad Obama duped the American people, not once, but twice. Now they’re seeing what they voted for. What a crying shame.