Social Security Judges Rubber Stamp Encourages Fraud, Wastes Millions


The House Committee on Oversight and Government reform released a report this week finding that Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) in the Social Security Administration are rubber stamping disability applications, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. A disability claim does not come before an ALJ until it has been denied twice administratively. The ALJ is supposed to decide the case based on the evidence and the merits, but according to this report, ALJs are approving almost every case that comes before them.

Massive amounts of tax dollars are at stake in the ALJs’ decisions. According to the oversight committee’s investigators, “between 2005 and 2013, ‘red-flag’ ALJs placed 1.3 million individuals on federal disability, at a lifetime cost of approximately $400 billion.” The investigators also paid particular attention to three ALJs who approved 90 percent or more of the cases they considered. “These ALJs awarded benefits in nearly every decision they made, issued an extremely large number of allowances without holding a hearing, and were subject to numerous complaints from employees within their offices,” the report said.

The report’s description of the trio should outrage every taxpayer… (Read More)

The judges get away with this because the SSA doesn’t bother to monitor their performance. Is it any wonder the Social Security disability program will be broke in another couple of years?