On Obamacare Sebelius Spreads The Blame Around


Former HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius spoke to an Obamacare group and spread the blame around for the law’s many failures. Oddly enough, she didn’t assign any of the blame to those who wrote the law, signed the law, or implemented the law.

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“We had right-wing media, leadership in Congress who was determined on the House side to stop this law at any cost, shadow political organizations, hostile governors, hostile legislators, all working to make sure you couldn’t do the job that was so important,” Sebelius gushed, only once mentioning “our well-known issues with the website” putting a damper on customers getting coverage.

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Sebelius even hit states for putting limits on navigators at all, seemingly, despite reports that personal information has already been put at risk. She hit back at the “relentless obstruction” of those who would put a check on Obamacare staffers asking for customers personal information — “people who were forced with getting fingerprints and paying a fee in order to help people access health insurance.” (Read More)

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Oh, heaven forbid they should check the background of people getting their hands on the private data of other people.

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In other news, Obamacare subsidies are already pushing the cost of this train wreck of a law past projections. I don’t think they have yet figured out exactly how much they’ve spent on subsidies for ineligible recipients.

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