Nancy Pelosi Calls Border Crisis An ‘Opportunity’


Nancy Pelosi visited the border this weekend and said the flood of illegal immigrants is not a crisis but an “opportunity.” She would say that, to her this is just a pool of thousands of potential new Democrat voters.

Congresswoman Pelosi took part in a special press conference with U.S. Representative Filemon Vela at the Brownsville Events Center Saturday morning.

The two had toured a nearby Border Patrol facility that is currently housing Central American immigrants.

“This crisis, that some call it crisis, we have to view it as an opportunity,” Pelosi said.

The California congresswoman said it’s an opportunity for the United States to show the world how it deals with the women and children, who she says are refugees.

“It’s a value that we will show the rest of the world how we deal with this,” Pelosi said.

The House Minority leader continued saying that we have to deal with the influx of immigrants with “decency” and “it breaks my heart” referring to the children.

When asked on how Congress should deal with the immigrants, Pelosi responded, “We have to take it case by case, due process and respect of law.” (Read More)

Since when have Democrats had respect for the law?

Pelosi also declared that we’re “all Americans” and that this is just one big community that happens to have a border going across it.

In related news, President Obama is asking Congress for $2 billion to spend on border security. Whether or not it’s a serious effort at securing the border remains to be seen, but something tells me it’s not.

There aren’t a lot of specifics being offered yet, but they include sending more immigration judges to Texas and building new detention facilities for those who have been caught already and are awaiting a court hearing. There was no mention of additional enforcement personnel, border strengthening or electronic surveillance improvements. (Read More)

It sounds like he just wants more money for processing those who have already made it across the border, not stemming the influx. But if Republicans don’t agree to the funding, he’ll use it as a club to whack them over the head with.