Keep An Eye On The Mississippi Senate Primary


The Republican primary for US Senate in Mississippi is today and it’s something to keep an eye on. I’ve been so caught up in baseball that I can’t keep up, but Stacy McCain was there on the ground yesterday and it looks like it could be close. (Especially if you look at the latest polls.) Leave it to Stacy (and hit his tip jar while you’re at it) to go where no other reporter wants to go:

No reporter in the mainstream media — either in Mississippi or nationally — will touch this story, although it seems to be something of an open secret that Cochran and Webber are living together in D.C., while Cochran’s wife vegetates in a nursing home. Matthew Boyle has reported that Webber accompanied Cochran on 33 foreign trips, so that we have the shameless spectacle of a married Republican senator abandoning his invalid wife and traveling the world with his reputed girlfriend.

And that, my friends, is a real scandal.

So if Josh Marshall or anyone else wonders why the Cochran campaign was unable to use the Clayton Kelly escapade to destroy McDaniel, the answer is: They couldn’t, because any serious reporting on the story would raise questions about Cochran’s rumored relationship with Webber. However, if somehow Cochran survives in Tuesday’s primary, then and only then would the mainstream media take a serious interest in that story. But I digress . . .

The real story is what Chris McDaniel said this morning to his supporters here at Chick-fil-A: “The most conservative state in the country needs the most conservative senator in the country” — and by any measure, Thad Cochran falls short of that goal.

Read the whole sordid thing. Makes me wish I was still writing about Little League baseball. Sheesh, whatever happened to the notion that elected officials should be of high moral character? Should we thank Bill Clinton?

Update: You can read more about this race at the American Spectator.

Update: Read even more on this race and what it means at The Federalist. Like I said, this is one to definitely keep an eye on.