IRS Commissioner Blamed Congress And Budget Cuts For Lerner’s Lost Emails


IRS Commissioner John Koskinen was back on Capitol Hill yesterday for a late night hearing. He didn’t have a very good night, despite the attempts of his fellow Democrats to help him out. (In case you were not aware, Koskinen is a big-time Democrat donor and has been for years.)

The highlight of the evening was Trey Gowdy asking Koskinen how he can say there was no criminal wrongdoing in the destruction of email data if he hasn’t even bothered to read the statutes.

There were also some fireworks between Republicans and Democrats over committee rules, and then there was this – in reply to a question by Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the committee, Koskinen blamed everything on Congress and budget cuts. Seriously, this guy has some nerve.

This morning a White House attorney is testifying about the lost emails. We’ll let you know if anything newsworthy happens.