Figures – Dems Block Bills To Verify Immigration Status And Prevent Illegals From Getting Tax Credits


Republicans in the Senate introduced some common sense immigration bills, but the Democrats shut them down. One would have required employers to verify immigration status before hiring workers, the other would have blocked illegal immigrants from receiving child tax credits. The excuse they used is that both measures were part of the Gang of 8 bill that didn’t go anywhere. So if they don’t get everything they want, they won’t do anything, even if it’s for the good of the country. How typical.

[Senator Jeff] Sessions tried to get approval for the two bills after saying illegal immigration is swamping the U.S., which is leading to reduce wages for Americans and higher costs as these immigrants start improperly receiving federal tax benefits.

He first tried to pass the Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act, sponsored by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa.) That bill would require companies to verify whether possible employees are legally able to work in the country.

But Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) argued that this e-verify provision was in the Senate’s broad immigration bill that passed a year ago, and said Democrats aren’t looking to negotiate passage of sections of that bill.

“We are not going to take that bill apart piece by piece, as the senator from Alabama suggests,” Durbin said. “I object.”

Sessions said if the e-verify program can be accepted by Democrats in the larger bill, they should be able to approve it quickly this week. (Read More)

Despite the fact that the government gave out $4.2 billion in tax credits to illegals, Durbin objected to that, too. He said he wanted to make sure that “working families with small children have the helping hand of our tax code.” What about the working American families with children who are stuck paying for all of this? He didn’t give much thought to us.

In related news, Nancy Pelosi is going down to the border to greet the illegals flooding into our country. Oh, and in New York City, they’re getting ID cards that will allow them to use all sorts of services and even to self-identify their gender.