EPA Backs Fracking While Using Tax Dollars To Block It


The Environmental Protection Agency officially is in favor of fracking because natural gas doesn’t emit as much of the dreaded carbon dioxide as coal, which they hate. So you would think the agency would be out there advocating for more fracking, at least sane people would think that. But no, the EPA is using our tax dollars to fund anti-fracking groups, because, well, you know.

Ideological conformity doesn’t always insure consistency, as is illustrated in the EPA’s actions regarding carbon emissions and energy industry fracking of oil and natural gas. As documented Friday in the Morning Examiner, EPA’s just-proposed carbon emissions reduction rule depends on natural gas prices remaining low enough to undercut coal. This is because natural gas produces significantly lower carbon emissions than coal. The 30 percent carbon emissions reduction sought by EPA can’t be achieved as long as power plants continue to use coal, so keeping natural gas prices low is essential.

So why is the EPA funding radical Big Green groups that are actively working day and night to stop fracking? Three-fourths of the natural gas produced in this country comes from shale formations made accessible by fracking. Keeping natural gas prices down in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, requires increasing American exports of natural gas, especially to Europe. But the EPA regularly sends tax dollars to groups fighting fracking and the exports.

As Washington Examiner columnist Ron Arnoldreported a year ago, the EPA has given at least $168,000 in grants to the Louisiana chapter of the Bucket Brigades. The BBs are so named for their PR stunt of using a five-gallon bucket, plastic bag and pump to take “scientific” air- quality samples that allegedly show environmental damage caused by fracking. Similarly, a Daily Caller report from 2012 dug up another $219,000 in EPA grants to the Louisiana BBs.

That the EPA is handing out such tax-funded grants shouldn’t surprise anybody, considering the revolving door that continually swings between the agency and Big Green environmental groups.

Read the whole thing. While the Obama administration is mired in scandals, the bureaucrats are still busy implementing his agenda.